Uncategorized September 15, 2020

9 Ways to Say Thanks!

What’s the best way to show appreciation and improve relationships with family, friends and anyone your associate with each day? When someone goes above and beyond to help you out, acknowledge their efforts and show your appreciation with one of these thoughtful suggestions.

1. Give Food. Why? Everyone loves food. Find out their favorite treat and deliver it in person.
2. Write a Note. Heartfelt handwritten note card. You don’t have to be a poet or have perfect penmanship.
3. Return the Favor. If someone did something nice for you, return the favor. Offer to lend a hand.
4. Pay if Forward. When someone does something nice for us, say Thanks and pay their generosity forward.
5. Deliver Flowers or a Colorful Plant. Brighten someones day and show you appreciate them with a bouquet of flowers or easy care plants.
6. Give them Something Useful. If you know the person well, think about their interest. Personalizing the gesture is always appreciated.
7. Give a Gift Card. These are ideal for those you don’t know well, but have some ideas about their daily life.
8. Sing Their Praises on Social Media. Write a message on a connections profile. Tag them in the post, thanking them for their help.
9. Donate Money to Charity in Their Name. Donate to one of their favorite charities, in their name. Browse for favorite organization on their social media pages, or ask them directly.